Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i broke my ankle

this was a rather foolish thing to do BUT it does enforce some down time and there are a few little projects that want starting and finishing.

The big girl and I should get together and make clay 'sand castles' for our season table and her classroom one; they will also need sea horses and possibly mermaids. Oh and butterflies - summer must have butterflies.

I have a little jacket I have been knitting for my wee baby girl and if i don't finish that soon it won't fit! that is the problem with me and knitting and babies - babies grow!

So, a knitting rhyme or two...because I am knitting moss stitch and so you should know a rhyme for plain -

In through the front door,
once around the back,
out through the window,
and off jumps Jack.

and one for purl too -

Under the fence,
catch the sheep,
back we come,
off we leap!

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