Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It is autumn, it is raining (pouring even) and I have been making rainbows

One of our favourite little songs to sing is this one -

paint some red up in the sky,
some orange and some yellow way up high,
paint some green and blue,
some indigo too,
then paint some violet,
and what do you get?
all the colours of the rainbow...

I sang it while I 'jelly' dyed metres and metres of light weight unbleached calico

and then I sang it a little more while I sewed and hemmed and hung ...

they look very pretty, don't they? (even tho I didn't iron the hems..) Class 3 is most impressed with their new curtains.
Oh! and thank you mum for your help pegging and pinning and ironing xx


Linda said...

These rainbow curtains are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your nature table with the little fairy house, it is lovely:)

The Mama. said...

Gorgeous you clever chook! Where do you get the time and energy?

Ronnie said...

What lucky children in class 3! I am sure they are inspired all day long by the curtains, surley imbued with lots of love. Do you have any tips for trying this ??

Shannon said...

Umm, it was really pretty easy Ronnie. Wash your muslin to get all the manafacturing size and other stuff out of it then soak it in a weak vinegar solution - this helps the fibers open up and hold the colour better (well that is how it works for wool - perhaps not for cellulose fibres?)Make up the jelly as per the packet directions - I used 1 packet to 100g dry weight fabric..I think. plunge the wet fabric into the bowl full of dye and then zap in the microwave oven for 5 minutes. wait til it is completely cool and then rinse very, very well...or your iron (and husband) will hate you when the sugar from the jelly gets stuck all over it! LOL!

Ronnie said...

Thanks Shannon. They look amazing and I would love to try this for our playroom window. Lol- you sound just like me and craft projects are about the only time I use the iron