Sunday, March 28, 2010

I've been seeking inspirations of the heart

For the Share the Heart Swap and it turns out there are quite a few hearty things around the house (mind you they seem mostly to be little girl pink, purple and green...)

Would you like to join in too? In a nutshell people who join will be paired with another and will swap a heart related item.

There is no limitation except that it must be a heart of some kind, made of any material, small to medium in size, and preferably more valuable by it's creativity and love, than monetary value... it is about sharing the LOVE.

For a bit more info or if you would like to take part, please visit either Linda's blog Natural Suburbia or Heidi's at Heidi Bears - they will pair everyone up together, the swap is international and open to everyone.

Entries will be open until the 15th of April


Heidi said...

Hi S! Thanks for posting about the swap :) I am as excited, I wonder who I will be paired with?
Have a great evening!
Heidi :)

Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
Such a wonderful blog posting about the heart swap, thank you so much for sharing it. We will be pairing up partners soon. Happy crafting:)

Carle said...

HI Shannon!

Im so excited to be your swap partner. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can bear to part with any of them!

S said...

Mum - I'm not giving any of these ones away! I will make something new.