Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome King Winter

The sky is dull and grey,
Piercing and chill the blast,
Each step resounds on the frosty ground,
Winter is come at last.


mm said...

Don't you do the solstice/equinox thing?

TwigandToadstool said...

Okay...we are in full Spring mode here, and now you have me craving winter with your sweet creation!!! Have I mentioned that I ADORE your blog, and all of these marvelous creations of yours!!! Keep it coming...it is SO inspiring!!

S said...

Yes mm when it suits me...but June is winter, my baby was born on the second day of winter and that is how i will always see it.

Maureen, thank you - I would love to lay claim to this beautiful King Winter but he is not mine - a friend made him for the class one room and asked me to photograph him.. and technially it is not actually winter yet (or summer for you) but I'm runnimg with it because the weather doesn't get much colder here than it is right now (day time 21 degrees C / 70F)by the time the rest of the country is welcoming the old lady thaw we will be back in the pool!