Thursday, July 22, 2010

One dance around the sun

One year ago today, today
my baby slid down the rainbow to stay.
She came to bring
laughter and joy to the earth.
good people and midwives
attended her birth.
So let us all join in singing,
with joyful birthday bells ringing.
Happy Birth Day to my girl
Happy Birth Day to my girl

What a glorious day. My cup is overflowing with happiness (and a bit of champagne). I am still stunned that a year has passed since her birth ~ such hard work ~ such reward. 10lb 1oz of pure joy and all before morning tea!

Today I woke to her smiles and sang her the little birthday ditty above (I changed it to suit us from a song by Diane Tatum on her album the magic garden) and gave her Annie, her very own cuddly doll, who has been wrapped and waiting in a swaddling cloth since I finished her last week.

Then she unwrapped miles of tissue paper parcels that have been arriving all week - she enjoyed that quite a bit.
so many beautiful gifts... the photo stream would go forever! but I wanna show you what else I made her ~

these stacking/nesting blocks from the book Handmade Beginnings which my sister gave me for my birthday. Amazon had a promotion when the book was released and you can get the free pattern and instructions here.

We are having a small afternoon tea and cake on Saturday so I will take some pictures of her wearing the birthday crown her big sister made for her...and she will possibly be wearing the 'ruby' slippers her aunt sent. but for now I leave you with my smiling girl dressed in the overalls her mama made specially.

Happy birthday sweet heart xx


momma rae said...

happy birthday to your sweetie! her doll is adorable! :)


happy birthday! such sweet and soulful photos--- love all of the gifts!

Nadja Magdalena said...

Happy birthday to your little one! My baby girl turned one last week and was also born at home, and she, too, received her first baby doll. She was baptized on this day.

Aren't babies a wonder? And doesn't the first year go by all too fast?

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your little one:) Lovely birthing photos:) Happy birth-day to you Shannon.
Take care

MM said...

What a smile :)

The Mama. said...

I still remember getting the text telling me of her arrival - has there ever been a babe awaited with such anticipation? I remember I rushed home to call you and we cried together. Happy birthday sweet girl. Gosh she looks like her daddy!