Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cat years ...human years

This was Wilbur in May just gone.. (this is what Wilbur does on most days)

and today...
He is so thin... all the muscle is gone. I know it is a different angle but it is unmistakable, my old boy is getting old. Don't you love how he has his face in the shade.
I just went and found his age in human years here and he is 84years and 4 months..(16 years and 10 months by the moon). In cat years I am only about 5 and a half!
He still has an amazing appetite, last night he had vanilla icecream and maple syrup for dessert.
He is not quick anymore tho. I pretend that he is tolerant of the wee girl ~ she loves him and stops to pat him each time she walks past, she also pulls his tail and tries to sit on him so I have to be quick in his stead cause she might squash him.
When her big sister was born he came home for dinner that night and sniffed our newborn and then promptly ignored her for the next eight years ~ he discovered this year that she has a lap worth sitting on and is most generous with snacks and door opening.
I think he is glad we moved to Queensland for his retirement - there wouldn't be any sitting round in the sun at this time of year in Canberra that is for sure! It is bitterly cold there in the winter ~ and dark and windy, mind you he knew were all the heater vents were and loved it beyond measure when we lit the fire.
I don't want to think anymore...I am getting sad.


Linda said...

He is so beautiful Shannon:) When I look at him, I think of our old cat that passed away last year, he was with us for so long, a true member of our family, and so loved:) Cats are wonderful creatures, I am sure yours will be with you for a while yet:)
Love to you

Shannon said...

Oh I do hope so Linda. Hs brother died 3 septembers ago - just as the early daffodils were blooming, he was 15. it still breaks my heart. I cannot imagine living without one of these creatures in my life.

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Oh Shan. Feeling it babe. Lost my 15 yo cat to snake late last year and my 15 yo dog just before we moved. Broke my heart. Big hugs

mm said...

Don't you DARE make me cry!