Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not so random thoughts

#1.  This is why I think Australians do not embrace Halloween
not clear? yes, sorry that witch hat is in the way, let me try again

$20 EACH! are you kidding me? there is not even any flesh in these carving pumpkins so it is not as if you can make the excuse that you felt like making a really expensive...soup, pie or risotto.

#2 Parcels.
Some of you may remember that I planned to order a stack of books for the new library at school, well I did and they have started to arrive.... first one by one and now in torrents...wrapped individually ~ today's parcles took up one whole side of the back seat and floor.

They are all from the book depository and postage is free, for me ... but someone must pay and surely there has got to be a better way? Lucky the big girl loves unwrapping parcels.


Linda said...

Wow, those pumpkins are expensive!
Take care my friend:)

Jodaeodesign said...

I have heard of $80 cantaloupe in Japan, but never of $20 pumpkins in Australia, ouch!

Bianca said...

oh, thats disgraceful! -the price of the pumpkins AND the individually wrapped books.

Meanwhile, here in the southern hemisphere,its actually beltane, not halloween, so happy beltane, grab yourself some flowers instead of a pumpkin ;)


mm said...

Carve Turnips! The original halloweeners did!

weird wonderful world said...

Aussies seem to think it is an American tradition and just about lollies. There needs to be more info about the original meaning and maybe it is a way to remember our relatives and ancestors that have passed.Look at http://weirdwonderfulworldnews.blogspot.com/2010/10/celtic-festival-of-samhain.html for a brief explanation. (Love your blog)

S said...

Thank you Weird wonderful world for the link.. I do know the history of halloween and i love the idea, tis just out of season for us southerners hence the expensive pumpkins!
Bianca i had no idea about Beltane tho and love the idea - quite similar beginnings.
and MM as it turn out I have a turnip and might just do that!