Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday Craft Group - Gingerbread men

The girls wanted to do something festive at craft this week and I saw the cutest little gingerbread men hanging decoration tutorials on both Linda's blog Natural Suburbia and at Sarah's Waldorf Playroom; so that is what we did. So much fun and so simple. Thank you to you both for a fabulous idea!

Yesterday was our last craft group for the year (most of me is screaming out with joy - it has been a very busy year; part of me is a little sad and lost...I have handed over the co-ordinator pin cushion and thread box to my friend Sarah who is bravely stepping forth into the role next year. I have promised to hang around and be second fiddle, so blogging will continue).

We had a shared morning tea while we made our gingerbread men (my big girl made actual gingerbread people for us to eat) and the group gave me a beautiful card and gift to thank me for my efforts this year. It is a really good feeling to know you are appreciated, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

I've still got loads of crafty bits in my drawers, so I'll be back with other posts on other days...and maybe even Wednesdays, you never know your luck!


Linda said...

Hello Dear Shannon,
The gingerbread men are wonderful!! So beautiful:) Thank you so much for sharing.
PS Thanks for linking to my tutorial:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful & inspiring as always. What a lovely card.

gardenmama said...

So lovely Shannon, such sweet little gingerbreads! : )

Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

Heart-felt...I LOVE it! And I felt hungry as soon as I saw those charming gingerbread decorations, which must mean they are a very convincing rendition :-)


Ronnie said...

Ohhh they are sweet.
I hope the crafty postings continue! but boy what a job.
take care