Sunday, December 19, 2010

I've finished!

And I am feeling so proud of myself that I am going to do a very self indulgent gloat and post a bazillion pictures of my handmade Christmas gifts...ready? ~

A baby sized doll for my big girl (she is wearing my big girl's own baby clothes, the little singlet I embroidered nine or so years ago while waiting for her to be born).

She is made from the 'dreamtime baby doll' pattern by Sarah's dolls, you can find the pattern here.

Now for my wee girl, my beloved and I worked in tandem to restore a weathered preloved wicker pram. I washed it and made a mattres from old flat cloth nappies, and fabric from my stash and a quilt and pillow from the same stash - I actually made the wee girl a quilt from these fabrics for Christmas last year. He rubbed it all over with bee's wax polish and did boy things like fixing and new wheels. If you remember the pram looked like this:
 and now ~

I am so pleased (my beloved has decided he doesn't like the wheels and says he is going to replace them later.

What else was on  my list...
 An apron (for my big girl who has outgrown her last one)
a "pretty sketch book cover" a special request from the big girl. I could find such a thing, so I felted one!
Mermaids, one for the big girl and one for a special secret someone (the light was really poor last night so the pictures are pretty awful..)

and a Christmas stocking for my wee girl made from an old woollen vest of mine.
The girls and I are off tomorrow. My sewing machine and numerous other crafting things are all put away so we can actually see the dining table and bench tops again. All I have left to do is cook. Yay for me!


Linda said...

Oh Shannon, what beautiful treasures you have made! How wonderful!

The Mama. said...

Oh my! You are such a clever thing! I so crave craft time!!! Bring on April I say! Love to you and yours. XX

Tolentreasures said...

What amazing treasures! I love them all, but those mermaids...beautiful! You deserve a rest!


Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

Wow, such fabulous creations! That pram is amazing - a beautiful restoration job. And the doll, oh the doll is simply dreamy. It ALL is!

Blessings and light...

anna said...

So impressed by all your handmade christmas goodies! I love each and every one but I always have a special soft spot for a mermaid. Your work is inspiring and beautiful.

Transit Antenna Home said...

Sweet! I'm making dolls for children also. It make gift giving extra exciting! Beautiful creations.

Ronnie said...

Shannon you are so organised!! I am still making gifts (actually should be sewing now)
What lucky girls - I love all the treasures

softearthart said...

What lovely presents, cheers Marie

Lee said...

Hi Shannon, beautiful things to give, Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you all good things for this new year

MM said...

I recall a singled in a larger size, with similar bees :)