Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crochet headband

So I just hooked together this little headband, in pink because it is the recipients favourite colour.
My big girl modelled it for me because I just HAD to show you, it is so sweet and I am feeling a bit clever. It is called the 'Lucy' and is a free pattern designed by clever and generous Cami over on her blog You seriously made that?
It is a little birthday gift for one of my big girl's friends big sister...did you follow that?

I made a couple of errors so don't look too carefully and I didn't follow Cami's instructions for the actual holding it on headband bit, I made it up because I didn't think ribbons would survive climbing trees, swinging upside down and tumbling around with younger siblings.

Some ribbon and a couple of hair ties secured with lots of tiny stitches. Cute eh?


Nadja Magdalena said...

That is so pretty! I wish I could crochet!

Shannon said...

You Can! I just taught myself tis easy and finger knitting with a stick!

the little gnomes home said...

Gorgeous - I'm going to give it a try!

Cami said...

Nice work! I love the color you chose, and I love how you used hair ties to create a backing!! I would never have thought of that. I might even use that tip on a few of my headbands! If I do, I'll link back to you :)

Cami @