Monday, January 24, 2011

Handing over craft stuff

So you know that I retired as craft coordinator at the end of last year ~ well a little bit of the reason was my beloved was a bit over us not being able to find the dining table for all the crafty bits and pieces scattered about...AND there was all the boxes seriously encroaching on his garage/workshop space.

These days he is a happy man indeed. All the boxes are gone and we actually sit at the dining table and eat (tis now very rare to get accidently poked with a needle too). The boxes have gone to my friend Sarah's house...we are very good packers don't you agree?

It is alright, she got home safely.

Craft group starts back in a couple more weeks; so today we sat down and worked out a plan for the term. It is so nice to have fresh eyes and enthuiasm. I think you will enjoy the projects, a good variety and another of our unique Australian animals to make. Best of all this year I will actually get to drink my cup of tea while someone else runs the show, I'm quite looking forward to it!


Anne said...

Hi thanks for stoping by my blog and saying hello...:)

Wow thats a lot of craft stuff....:)
I love the mermaids that you made they beautiful...:)

Linda said...

Wow, that is one fully packed car! How wonderful to be part of a craft group! Love the tutorial on the felted bottle covers and the Passion fruit flower is one of my favourite flowers. They just look so perfect:)

Anonymous said...

I'm only 10 months late, but just saw these pics now. They are the funniest ever - had me snorting on the in breath even! It's the little black tardis.