Sunday, January 16, 2011

The macadamia nuts, muesli, cookies and tea

are wrapped up and waiting to go to Kirsten the self declared lurker...sometimes it is worth making a comment!

You were all right; macadamia nuts are expensive because it costs lots to make and mantain the equipment necessary to crack then shell without squishing the nut to bits. Season by season weather and transport are factors but not the overarching reason.

Mother nature was a goddess when she created the macadamia nut but right now she is not very happy ~ While Queensland cleans up after our devastating floods and families grieve for those who have died or are still missing; waters well up around Victorian country towns flooding one after the other.. Over in Western Australia, bush fires that were deliberately lit continue to burn.
Watching the news from Brazil was just too much for me today ~ over 600 dead. I cannot even begin to imagine. Does anyone know of a reputable agency we can donate through?


MM said...

The Red Cross has a pretty good rep.

Kirsten said...


It's terrible what's happening. My kids and I spent yesterday handing out food and water to the residents and volunteers at Rocklea, Fairfield and Yeronga. We are from the Gold Coast and it was a big eye opener seeing the destruction.