Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Cyclone Yasi compares around the world - It is HUGE!

The main bloc of the cyclone is 500km wide, while its associated activity, shown above in a colour-coding to match intensity, stretches over 2000km.
The storm's scale of destruction is as shocking as it is inevitable.  In the map below, the United States from Pennsylvania in the east to Nevada in the west, from Georgia in the south to Canada in the north and well into Mexico would be battered with 300km/h winds and up to one metre of rain.
Or this, superimposed on Asia ~ taking in an area from Japan, the Koreas and China all the way through southeast Asia, around through India and the Himalayas and threatening large parts of central Asia.

 The map below shows the storm over western and central Europe
Hold tight far north Queensland. I hope you are still there in the morning x
Info and images from here.


Tania said...

Hold tight indeed. Am at sixes and sevens, with an ear to the radio. Stay safe you lot up there.

W-S Wanderings said...

Keeping you all in our thoughts and trying our darndest to send pleasant weather systems your way (not that we have any to offer at the snowy moment).