Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crafting in my wee one's down time

My poor wee girl has had a couple of trips to The Children's Hospital in the last week. She is so little and was so sick ~ frightened the life out of me. She is well on her way back to her silly, busy little self now and has managed quite a few giggles. Nasty virus was the final 'diagnosis' the doctors couldn't come up with anything better, was all a bit odd.

I had a fair bit of time on my hands while nursing my sleeping baby on my lap and while sitting beside her watching the tubes drip hydration fluids in her nose and vein ~ marvellous how well a bit of 'juice' peps up a dehydrated child.

When my beloved left to collect things from home I said "bring my crochet". I am loving that I can hold a sleeping baby twisted in tubes, myself curled up in a big armchair and crochet over the top of the lot!

A sneak peek of what I did in my hospital down time, they are gifts you see so can't go spoiling any surprises.

Back home again she has done a fair bit of sleeping so I have been busy making quilt confetti

and in my beloved's words "making an army of gnomes" who are so patiently waiting for me to finish their hats.



Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
How wonderful that your little one is feeling better, how frightening it can be when they are ill! I have just started to crochet and I do enjoy it.
You are busy with so many lovely projects:)
Take care

Val said...

They get sick so fast and it is so scary...glad it sounds like the little one is on the mend with love x

Tania said...


So, so glad that things are well and truly back on the rails. Thank goodness for hospital craft. A crochet hook and knitting needles have also seen me through a couple of hairy experiences. Gulp.

TwigandToadstool said...

Tough times ~ glad your wee one is on the mend. Love to you all.

W-S Wanderings said...

Viruses can be disturbingly scary things. And somehow, it's not a very satisfying "answer" to troubling questions, is it? But thank heavens your little one is on the mend!!!!

That button is gorgeous. And the gnomes look like a charming army.

Sending positive energy your way...

Shannon said...

made that button WSW..would you like one?