Monday, March 28, 2011

If I could whistle I would have

instead I did a little happy dance!
See that pile of triangles to the left of my machine? They are no longer triangles, they are octagons! I have finished all the main blocks. I have 144 octagons ~ AND they are ironed. Now it is back to the cutting matt and the rotary blade to slice 300 odd tinie tiny triagles which are to become squares.

And another little happy dance because I won two quilting patterns from Chasing Cottons through make it perfect's blog post about Rebecca's fabulous shop and new her Quilt Class 101 FREE online course. Her patterns are so beautiful. I am so lucky.

I have also done a little bit of knitting ~ pumpkins. I am please to announce that I can now knit in a magic loop. Linda from Natural Suburbia posted a tutorial and free knitting pattern for this little autumn staple a while ago, cute isn't it?

Oh! I also made a little headband

And a bunch of Easter Hare finger puppets
The pattern for these is over at the Purl Bee (it has taken me a year to get round to it!)

All my knitting, sewing and ironing (and quilt confetti making) has been closely supervised by our old boy ~ between sleeps.


mm said...

Awww, look at Wilbur, peeping between sleeps.

Emma said...

you have been busy! I remember seeing those little bunnies at the purl bee and thinking I should make some... can't believe it was that long ago! I love the headband. Just beautiful.

Tania said...

Holy moly woman! That is some amazing output. Think I need to hop to some of those bunnies myself...

Linda said...

Hello Shannon!
Just look at all this beautiful creativity that you are busy with. Your pumpkin looks great!
Happy day

M. Bloom said...

I love your pretty new banner photo... and, no, my husband does not in the least resemble a Tomten (tho' you wouldn't know that from my recently posted, new blog banner, I suppose!)


The Awakened Heart said...

I have total craft envy now! I LOVE those little bunnies and that headband is adorable. If only I could get my wild little Beanie to wear one! I do love those bursts of creativity and I am longing simply for the time to do, well, anything actually. I'll have to be content with lurking and admiring everyone else's output.

the little gnomes home said...

You have been busy! I especially love the headband :)

lisbonlioness said...

Sorry... I must come across as a mad stalker, but I have only just found your blog and was captivated by the post about cat years. Tears started flowing as I am still mourning the death of my very first cat, Penny, three years ago. She was only young abd fell victim to some kind of sudden freak disease even the vets couldn't figure out, and she was in the best hands.
Anyway, I read that post, did my crying and went for the tag "cats" to find more Wilbur posts. And much to my delight the old man is still around! This might be the most pointless comment ever, but I wanted to let you know that the little grey feline overlord touched my heart.
May his days be filled with sun.

Shannon said...

Lisbonlioness, now I am crying! Old Wilbs is still with us but I fear only just. He is so thin and wobbly, deaf too. Still loves food ~ we fill him full of his favourite things everyday and he warms his bones in the sun all day, choosing a lap instead for warmth in the evening.