Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello there.

I have had a busy couple of weeks and planned to dazzle you all with pretty pictures but well, it is just not happening for me this evening; so another Wednesday passes without an illustrated crafting update, sorry bout that.

Today we blew and dyed eggs - it is the last craft group of term and so the little ones joined in for some gooey, messy fun to get ready for the Easter Hare. Last week was the kindergarten autumn festival so we didn't have a craft group. But next week I will try to put together a tutorial for something beautiful before we all go into craft withdrawal.

I did manage to get a couple of pictures of the quilt in progress downloaded before I started getting weird messages from my computer which I just don't understand.

So here it is with all the octogon main blocks laid out.
I have cut about three quaters of the 500ish tiny trianges (to become squares) that sit between these blocks and hope to start actually piecing it all togther tomorrow. I have run out of thread for the forth time tho so will have to go to the quilt shop first.

And I still have to show you all my beautiful peg dolls from the swap. Better sort out the photo problem; for me this means shutting down the computer and hoping that it magically works when I start it back up. Fingers crossed.


Bianca said...

how great is that quilt going to look!? did you peice by hand or by machine?


Katie said...

its coming together beautifully. what color are the triangles/squares in-between? I'm quite liking the buff of your carpet, actually!

Amanda Pedro said...

and don't forget to do a round of hokey pokey and blink your eyes 3 times. that should help with your computer!

your quilt is a labour of love to be sure!

S said...

Are you crazy Bianca? by hand umm no. but the binding will be!
Katie - the little square triangles are as mismash as the rest of it - the whole qult is quite a kalidescope of colour really.
Amanda - what a fabulous idea - i will try it tonight :)