Friday, April 29, 2011

Camping, swapping and reflecting.

I am feeling quite flat; I said to a friend the other day it just seems crazy for life to carry on ~ my friend's baby just died. It feels disrespectful to just keep going...but really that is all there is left to do isn't there? curl up in a ball or keep going.

So I will keep going tho my energy is lacking.

Over the Easter weekend we went camping; with my brother and his family and three other families too.

My brother has 5 acres of land just north of Gympie, loads of gum trees and a bit of creek - nothing else on it for now. So we all set up camp (I am not really a fan of camping. It generally rains, it is uncomfortable, there are insects, no bathrooms, blow up beds, bla bla bla).

I had fun. We met some really lovely people, the children had a ball just being free to be. Of course there was a campfire (read marshmallow on sticks, camp oven stews and fresh baked hot cross buns), chocolate, wine, music and laughter ...and NO RAIN!

A little post parcel arrived just before we headed off camping. I joined in the Southern Hemiphere Season Exchange again for autumn. Autum is my favourite season; I got married in autumn, my first child was born in autumn and it is full of comfort food and chilly winds blowing beautiful leaves everywhere ~ well it is like that in my memory because Brisbane is yet to show me an autumn leaf fluttering to the ground this year...

So I sent my partner a few of her favourite things ~ she doesn't have a blog so I couldn't stalk her and find out secretly, I asked. She likes knitting and crochet and felts, fibres, fly agaric mushrooms and loves autumn, it is her favourite season too. Think I covered it.

In return she sent and autumn fairy and a mobile of dancing leaves - just perfect.

Autumn faries wake today
Spread your colours as you play
Red and yellow, orange too
Purple, brown and golden hue.
Once each leaf is coloured so
from the tree it can let go.


the little gnomes home said...

My mum once told me that she believes people choose each life they live to learn something and "grow"....I am not sure that this will bring you much comfort, however if nothing else be strong for your friend - she needs you.

Hmm camping not my most favourite thing either, although looks like you had a lovely time. Those hot cross buns look delicious!

Gorgeous swap crafting - although I would expect no less from you! Your gifts are just delightful too - love the little autumn fairy :)

Sending you lots of happiness

mm said...

So glad it didn't rain :) I worried for you when the BG told me you were going camping.

The Mama. said...

Love you. XX

The Mama. said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, we're thinking of camping full time... does that scare you a little bit? ;-)

ecoMILF said...

The camping looks like the perfect time for peaceful and tranquil reflection. Thinking of you. xo m.