Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Craft Group - Knitted Moss Gnomes; aTutorial

The garden at our place has an abundance of this fabulous green furry stuff and since the door has been installed we've got visitors; wee Moss Gnomes.

These little fellows are made with some very simple knitting, stuffing and a simple formed head like the root babies I showed you how to make the other week.

You will need: (not much) wool/yarn 8plyish - green shades are nice, a pair of 3mm knitting needles, stuffing wool, size one tube/bandage, linen thread, cotton tricot/face fabric, mohair for hair and beard, some embroidery floss for facial features, scrap bit of co-ordinating felt, wool and sharp needles and a small weight about the size of a 10c piece (in fact a 10c piece is a fine weight itself).

Ok, for the body cast on 20 stitches and knit 12 rows.
Cast off 4 stitches at the beginning of the next two rows (12 stitches)
Stocking stitch the next 10 rows (knit one row, purl the next etc..)
From the 11th row begin decreasing 1 stitch at each end of each knit row, purl one row*
* repeat until only one stitch remains; cast off.

Next make a small formed head with about a 3cm circumference. Create an eye line with your linen thread and then cover your face with a small square of skin fabric. If you like, eyes and mouth can be embroidered now.

With your wool needle and scrap yarn begin sewing the hat together from the top (the pointy end) and stop where the decreasing began. Then stitch the front of the gnome together and insert the head into the open space. Stuff under and around the head with wool fleece. Cut and sew into place a circle of felt on the bottom to create a base - slip your weight in before you close it up completely.

Using small blind stitches attach the head into the suit opening, then create his hair and beard out of mohair. To to this sew loops right around the face fastening each with a small backstitch. Cut open the loops and trim his hair and beard to the length you fancy.

Don't stress too much if your knitting turns out bigger - just make a bigger head - he is a very forgiving little fellow.

OH and this is my 200th post! well I never but there you go I do tend to talk a bit. So because I don't have a squillion other things to do (ha!) Who wants to win a Moss Gnome of their very own? Leave me a message (with some way to find you) and I'll do one of those random hat draws next Wednesday May 10.  The wee moss gnome is going to live with Rachel at the Butterfly Ball.
Oh and double OH! Dear Bloom of we bloom here is hosting another swap On the Wings of Spring  

"With birds nesting in my garden and choruses of goldfinches warbling in the trees, spring is an especially good time to love birds... And so I've decided to host a little birdie swap. What a perfect time of year to create some new feathered friends to join spring and summer nature tables! If you are in the southern hemisphere, please don't feel left out... birds need food and shelter all through the winter; and even in the dark of winter, you might look to the return of birds as harbingers of spring."

Won't you flutter over there and join in?


eidolons said...

I lovelovelovelovelove those moss gnomes! Oh my goodness! Like I really need another knitting project. (:

I joined the bird swap, too. I think I've found the perfect pattern - so excited!

ziezo said...

Darling little gnomes. Thanks for the tutorial, but it would be fantastic to win an already made one. . .
Thanks or the opportunity!

Rachel~At the Butterfly Ball said...

I adore your little moss gnomes! They might be even sweeter that the root babies you showed us a few days back! I really *must* learn to knit! I'm sure my littlest girl would adore one of these!

Natalie @ the little gnomes home said...

Congrats on 200 posts! Well I love 'listening'...so keep talking :)

......gorgeous little creatures...... we would love to find one a special mossy spot in our home.

Kylie said...

Thankyou so much for generously sharing tutorials with your readers. Can I contact you to ask for permission to make some mossy gnomes for my school fete?

Ronnie said...

congrats on reaching a milestone. I would love to win as my chances of making one of there are slim at the moment

S said...

No problem Kylie - they are very quick to make and the children love them. Happy knitting. S

Kathy said...

These are so lovely! I'm so glad to have the tutorial so that I can try my hand at making them.