Sunday, May 22, 2011

Welcome Earthside

Autumn was beautiful in Sydney; we crunched the leaves underfoot and took long bush walks while we waited for the newest member of our clan to be born...13 days after the circled date on her mother's calendar she came ~ there was so much love it that room and big fat happy tears, all for a little girl named Opal.


Jane (and Lou) said...

Wow, amazing pic, and congrats to your cousin. I just found your blog and have had a lovely, very educational, look around. And who doesn't love comments/followers?! I didn't realise that there was a day of the midwife! I imagine that to be an amazing responsibility. I had two beautiful midwifes, both who did homebirths, but I went through a birthing unit (I was young/poor!), but every time I meet one I think of them and my experience. And I know it will happen again one day, I will have more children, it's just a matter of when! Have you seen the latest post over at Bending Birches blog - you may find that interesting. Anyway, it's very nice to 'meet' you, I've enjoyed learning about the craft group, reading about the Worry Tree and seeing your little 'covergirl' model child! All the best, Jane:)

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

What a touching picture. I am always so happy to hear that a mama gave birth at home! The perfect place to welcome a new soul, surrounded by people that love them!

Melissa said...

Oh, welcome earthside Opal (beautiful name and beautiful bubba!).

Shannon said...

Thank you Jane, I'll skip over and have a look. I am still catching up a bit from being away so long!
Rachel, Opal wasn't born at home - it was never the plan her mamma just took her birthing team with her to the local hospital and thus surrounded herself in love there.
I'm with you Melissa, beautiful name and baby.