Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I ate homemade caramel and almond fudge for breakfast

It was a gift, sent through the mail, and not to be opened until today. Another parcel arrived last week that was also labelled not to be opened until July 5...Oh how I love birthdays, and especially birthday parcels!

The caramel fudge (which is utterly divine..and almost all gone) was from my dear friend aka The Mama who blogs Around Arthur's Table ...will you post the recipe please? I must have more. I wonder how much I would have to eat until my teeth all fall out? Thank you, you domestic godess xxxx

This perfect vison of pink plumage is from dear Peggy Bloom of We Bloom Here... she and I have a thing for pincushions. A nest of blue eggs takes my personal pincushion collection to five. I am scheming a rather elaborate plot to multiply my collection but more on that later.

Thank you Peggy, she is gorgeous - the prettiest by far.

My big girl selected me this bracelet from a vast cabinet of jewels. Her father tells me she made the poor sales girl take out practically all of them before she was sure this one was it. I am not sure what the stone is but I love it.

And the wee girl got me a wood burning tool! I graffitied the old chopping board when I couldn't find a more approprite practice bit of wood... I'm sure I'll get better. I have plans to expand my crafting into woodwork and am dying to try out one of MamaWestWind's tutorials on her blog Chocolate Eyes.

The girls and I made cake...it was an epic fail and I will just skip over it...tasted more like heavy bread than cake; most disappointing. Anyway my brother and sister in law saved the day when they turned up for cake and brought with them a gift of three yummy cheeses and the pretties cheese knife I have ever seen (no pics..it is a bit dirty), so we threw the cake in the bin and gobbled cheese instead.

So I am now officially a curvaceous 38...and with all this food I might just grow a few more curves by my 39th birthday.


The Mama. said...

Glad you enjoyed it... not sure you will so much once you see what went into it tho ;-)

Here's the recipe anyhoo.http://www.bundysugar.com.au/recipes/desserts/fudge

Happy Birthday lovely lady. Mwah. XX

A mermaid in the attic said...

I discovered woodburing last year, and have just begun using the tool to make detailed drawings on my Olive Wood hangers (only used it for simple writing on the backs of them before). I'm loving the process, it's really meditative and I love the antique look of the finished pieces. Have fun! And Happy Birthday!

Domestic Artisan said...

Happy birthday!! Look forward to seeing sone wood burning, it's been intriguing me lately too. Many happy returns x

eidolons said...

Happiest of happy birthdays to you! (:

Julie said...

Happy birthday! An excellent excuse for having fudge for breakfast!

M. Bloom said...

The photos of the little pink sugar-bird pin-cushion came out beautifully (and I forgot to warn you... please be careful to only stick pins in the nest-cushion part and avoid sticking pins into the bird... she will squawk and might even fly away!)

Glad to hear you had a happy birthday, my dear (tho' sorry to hear about your cake, and glad matters were rescued by the cheese!)

softearthart said...

There is nothing like pressie opening, cheers Marie

DaffodilAngel said...

Happy birthday Shannon and may your year ahead be a bright and fulfilling one. Best wishes :)

Evi said...

Happy Birthday!! What a 'sweet' way to start your day.... hope the rest of your special day was filled with sweetness too!

MamaWestWind said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! And your graffiti looks beautiful, can't wait to see your wood-burned creations!