Friday, September 2, 2011

Grammar Grafitti

Several times a day I go past this sign, it makes me cranky.

I saw the man 'planting' it in the ground. I said to him, said I "that's gramatically incorrect". He looked at my blankly, looked back at the sign and delared that it was not.
"Yes it is, it should read houses"
"no it shouldn't"
"but there are many houses, not just a house"
"but house five is this way" (he waved an arm in the general direction)
"yes but so are houses six through to 17"

He muttered something and went back to planting.

I began to doubt my grammar, I am a terrible speller so I could be wrong here too. I asked my mum, she knows about this kind of thing. Mum assured me I was right and he was a twit (I doubt very much that she used the word twit).


It was a bit of a squeeze and VERY difficult to write with the silly little brush thing but I think I have made my point.

(Now, no picking up poor grammar in this post please!)


learningwithlachlan said...

Too funny! There is a restaurant I drive by every week and it says "Kids Eat Free on Tuesday's" I want to paint over the apostrophe and 's' it drives me crazy!

Kate Mason said...

Hi Shannon, you won my blog giveaway!! I didn't know else to get in touch.

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Kate M xo

Magic By Mum said...

love it Shannon! Just hope you don't get busted, you big rebel!

Jo @ indigo inspirations said...

Great story....I love it.
Congratulations on winning the Kate Mason print too,.....I recently bought three xox Jo

M. Bloom said...

Bravo! My favorite grafitti incident was as follows: When I was at University there was a little plaza with benches I used to walk through every day on my way to classes. I noticed that, on one of the benches someone had written, "Eat the Rich." A few weeks later someone had edited the grafitti to read, "Seat the Rich."

Bianca said...


Tania said...

I am laughing myself silly - you RENEGADE. Ever read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves"?

Shannon said...

Feels good to be a little bad.
Tania, my sister has a copy of that book, I will borrow it.

The Mama. said...

Bah hahaha, I love you!