Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I skipped craft and went on an excursion to Samford Museum instead

It was a fabulous morning, the volunteer staff are all dressed in period costume, have all lived in Samford since their youth and have an average age of about 80.

Class four (and a few mums - we ferried them forth and back again) learned a little local history and a little more besides.

First up we heard about tools, good old fashioned hard work and the bullock trains.

We met the Blacksmith

I did a little poking around in a relocated original house - wonderful treasures!

The children filed into the old school house after first pledging their allegiance to the Queen! and sat obediently at the old desks, hands on heads, slate pencils between and began 'metal arithmetic' followed by times tables and phonetics.

The general store held some delightful relics 

~ this thing (he is holding)  is a fly spray contraption!

They have a wonderful colection of bikes, scooters and the like and didn't mind at all when the wee ones rode them around on the veranda.

I took many more pictures but if you are local or local ish you should go see it for yourselves it is only $4 entry, $1 for school children, and an absolute delight.

Reas some more at the Samford Museum Website


Jo @ Indigo Inspirations said...

Shannon, that is amazing.....great photos. What a great day for the children. Xox Jo

The Mama. said...

I remember my Nan still owned one of those fly spray contraptions when I was a wee child... we still have her fly swat... still going strong. Funny the things that remind you of how much you miss someone... XX