Friday, October 14, 2011

Woohooo. Parcels of pincushions for me!

My first* pincushion arrived this week...when I opened his box I let out a squeak of delight!

Meet Porcupine George ~

George was made by the hands of Kristen; I am more than impressed because she apparently doesn't really get on well with her sewing machine... he is everso cool don't you agree? Sewing machine aside her hand sewing skills are exquisite.

Pop over to her blog kstreetjournal and get better aquainted.

My offerening to Kristen arrived in the US the day after George landed on my doorstep here in Oz; I am still giggling at what went flying in her direction and what can hurtling in mine..uncanny, don't you agree?

 Kristen is thinking about naming the wee hedgehog Peter and I am everso glad she likes his fancy (useless) pins because they were a bit fun to make and poke in.

Peter is not from my own imagination tho if it counts I stabbed myself many, many times with the felting needle so he has some of my blood embedded deep within. His instructions come from the book Wool toys and friends by Laurie Sharp. There are quite a few other project in there too that  I might get to one of these days.

*When I set up the pincushion swap I only intended to make one pin poking thing and recieve one in return BUT well Celia put in a late plea and I couldn't resist her beautiful things on display at her blog felted jumper arms and then I was making two...

Celia's pincushion parcel came yesterday (it is so much fun getting fun mail, makes me do a  little dance).

First there was this ~

a gift for the midwifery me; Celia says it is a baby being recieved by a midwife's hands... I like to think of it as the baby catcher. The detail is breathtaking, it really is, my picture does not do her work justice.

And because it didn't feel right to be poking pins into babies (or their catchers) she gifted me this spring tree with wee bluebird pins who can flutter about the branches.

In return I sent Celia a little vegie patch, her blog touches on her garden as the seasons change so I cut up one of my love's jumpers (it had moth holes in it I promise) and did a little planting

and watering
Celia wrote a lovely blog post here

Now, I made a third pincushion too...a late entrant who couldn't be paired as all the pairs were already paired. So in for a penny... Unfortunately past the inital I wanna join in email I can seem to contact her; I posted it anyway and I hope she likes it. I don't know what came over me but I made something quite girly...

Please send me your pictures and pincushion swap blog links so I can set up a gallery to display all the beauty and cleverness.


Kirsten said...

What beautiful and gorgeous pin-cushions!!! But, being a student midwife, the baby catcher one is my favourite - stunning!

The Mama. said...

Ohhhhh. I want the postie to bring mine back so I can pretty it up a bit!!!!

M. Bloom said...

Oh, ack... gack... that is me, positively sputtering for words at the utter sweetness of that vegetable patch you sewed & sowed. And those bluebird pins... Oh, ack... gack!

Linda said...

These treasures are just SO beautiful!! Thanks for sharing my friend:)

eidolons said...

My toadstool pin cushions (which I failed to photograph) are so very plain by comparison. I hope my partners aren't too disappointed with them.

Jo @ indigo inspirations said...

They are all so lovely....what a wonderful thing to be involved in...I love them all. Xoxo Jo

K said...

Oh, my goodness! Celia's work is just WONDERFUL, and your garden is clever, clever, clever. Celia's baby almost made me cry. I do tend to cry when I see even TV births, it was such a strong experience for me (just like it always is, I'm guessing, for everybody). As far as Peter goes, I think I even have Lauri's book (don't you LOVE her work?), so that pleased me. Altogether this was a fine, fun exchange, and I'm so happy that I joined in and met you and have peter, and sent George (he is based on - but not limited to - a Betz White pattern. I'll put the link up on my blog when I can. My Ginny is still here with me, but only for half a day more. It's been a lovely family time, but unsuited to blogging, sadly.

Anyway. Much joy!! And such fun work!

Hinterland Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Aren't folk creative AND talented. So inspiring. How gorgeous ღ

Donna said...

All of these are too cute, but I knew George was Kristen's before you even said...don't you just love her work? Of course you do.

W-S Wanderings said...

I knew George issued from K's heart and hands as well, right from the first photo. It's that gorgeous embroidery work.

Okay, um, INCREDIBLE pincushions there! Your garden is darling and ever so clever.

I can't wait to meet the pincushion that is coming to me. What delightful anticipation. Many thanks for creating such a wonderful swap, Shannon!