Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angels and acorns and other pretty things for Christmas

These were my final swap offerings for 2011; each has arrived safely in its new home so I am not ruining any surprises.

We Bloom Here hosted a little angel swap; I was pretty pleased with my little creations and didn't really want to post them... but well what would I do with three baby angels floating on little clouds with sliver linings?

I collected the feathers for their wings, over a few mornings from the down of my Lavender Aracuna left amongst the hay under her nightly perch.

cute little belly buttons, yes?

My partners were Fruits of the Heart; she blogged her creations here
 Little Gnomes Home who made a sweet little peg doll angel and a felted star
The third is a non-blogger and her parcel is still traveling.

And way back even longer ago Natural Suburbia hosted a Christmas ornament swap.

These were my decorative offerings ~

 and in return I received about a dozen of the most perfect little acorn nests - I love them! My partner was a non blogger but her name is Shannon and she is a bit clever.


Linda said...

Such beautiful treasures!
Love Linda

MamaWestWind said...

Gorgeous! I especially LOVE your angels!


M. Bloom said...

Your little angels are so cute esp. in the photo with all their little diaper bottoms lined up! And I love your red & white offerings for the ornament swap... so beautiful!

softearthart said...

Love them all, delightful, cheers Marie

Carole said...

I'm in love with your angel babies, they are so gorgeous!
Have you ever considered doing a belly button tutorial ???

W-S Wanderings said...

Everything you have shown here is beautiful, but those wee angels are a work of art. So incredible. The little wisps of wings are PERFECT. And the belly buttons, oh - the sweet little belly buttons!

Shannon said...

You are all so lovely. They are very cute - so tiny they can sit in the palm of your hand.
Carole, next doll I make a belly button tutorial is all yours... tho i did do a frech knot belly button like these ones in a tutorial here http://motherrhythm.blogspot.com/2011/09/dammit-dolla-tutorial.html

Terri Sue said...

oh, i love your little angels. i would like to have a go at the acorn nests, but our oak trees produce acorns with caps about 1/4 inch across. i'll have to really minaturize to do them.

themother said...

I'm constantly impressed with your creative cleverness my daughter. The little angels are delightful. themother

Carole said...

yay! can't wait !!

anna said...

Oh my gosh what gorgeous treasures! The little angels in nappies are eye-wateringly sweet. You're amazing (and so were your swap partners!) x

Meg said...

oh, my goodness. i can only repeat what everyone else has said about those angels. seriously? how precious are they! Definitley need to put up a tutorial for those. Every child needs to have one of those cute little cherubs in their bedroom watching them at night. how could you NOT have sweet dreams!?

Hinterland Mama said...

I've missed you Shannon, this last month! I can see how busy you have been (and more off camera I am sure ღ ).
Well, I believe it has all been said. So many gorgeous, crafty things you have shared, with lucky us!
Many, many thanks x