Saturday, January 21, 2012

letting go

My little girl is not so little anymore.
This week the tooth fairy lost a little glitter from her tiny wings - and today my girl took flight with wings of a whole other dimension.

On Tuesday morning she showed me a gap in her teeth...fresh lost tooth, all jelly meat underneath (ewww).. I got a bit excited (as you do) and said "ohh! it has come out!" she says "yes, last night, the tooth fairy didn't come!"
me "you didn't tell anyone?"
"oh well perhaps it fell out too late and she had already worked out her visit schedule? and it was raining, fairys don't like to fly in the rain it makes their wings too heavy" 

(...the voice in my head was running along the lines of you cunning little sneak!.. and I was trying very hard to hide my smile, bit clever really isn't she?)

Pandora (that is the tooth fairys name) came Tuesday night, she left a note it said something about the cat sitting by the magic fairy door all night and her not being able to make a safe dash for it.

Another milestone this week, my big girl has been sewing, machine style. For Christmas she was given a voucher for a couple of sewing classes at Sewco. Now I would be perfectly capable of teaching my child to sew BUT (and I really don't know how homeschooling parents do it) she won't, for the most part, listen to a word say. It drives me bonkers. Rather than pull my hair out and bang my head against a wall I took her to some children's sewing classes where she and about seven other girls, learned machine basics, measured themselves, cut patterns and sewed handkerchief skirts. She loved it so much that she made another and then one for her friend too!

Today my baby boarded a plane on her own for the first time; first stop is Canberra to visit her friend who is going to live in Bangkok for the next three years (the skirt is for her). Then Sydney to visit her aunt and uncle and to see the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse, then home to me.

There was a wee bit of drama because we didn't actually look at the flight details and kinda thought the flight left at 9am.. turns out it left at 8:45. If you saw some mad dashing, paper waving lunatics flapping their arms and running like crazy people through the Brisbane domestic airport terminal this morning it is a good chance it was us. There was literally no time for tears and much more that a squeeze the life outa her cuddle before throwing her into the care of a flight attendant and waving her down the tunnel. I pulled out my camera almost too late, she turned and gave me a wave.

A couple of hours later I got this next picture in a text message

don'tcha just love modern technology?


Anonymous said...

We are waiting .... Even Tigger is a bit excited, sort of ;)

Natalie said...

Your big girl is cunning ;) Although I think Pandora had a very legitimate excuse. (...would you say there is a different fairy assigned to each child? or is Pandora THE fairy ....curious you see as no tooth fairies have visited our home yet)

W-S Wanderings said...

She is wildly clever, that one! I mean the sewing alone is FABULOUS, but add in the testing out her hypothesis regarding Pandora just pushes her into the genius bracket.

Please tell her the skirt is all kinds of wonderful.

And hugs to you, for you are surely missing her dearly.

Donna said...

What a brave and creative momma you are.

Shannon said...

Natalie we have had that very discussion in our home... Our conclusion is that here are very many tooth fairies but Pandora seems to be our family fairy. Many notes get left for her with loads of questions that often take careful considered answers. The children in the street have also discussed the fairy phenomenon between themselves and for example Pandora does not visit the children three houses away because a) their fairy leaves money and Padora leaves pretty beads b) their fairy does not leave a sprinkling of fairy dust; Pandora's is pink...So go forth and create yourself the fairy you always wanted!

Shannon said...

WSW, she is indeed clever... Makes me want to squeeze her even more. I have passed on your compliments in person because tonight she flew home to me (welding an elder wand and clutching a bag of chocolate frogs - she had a most marvelous time)

Thank you Donna, I didn't feel brave, I felt many, many tiny butterflies but it was SO worth it.

K said...

LOVE the picture. And strangely - I know someone in Canberra! How odd.