Saturday, February 11, 2012

Handbag Barn (and yard)

For Christmas (oh I know it was such a looong time ago) I made the wee girl a little farm barn and a small flock of critters.

I saw the tutorial for this delightful little house on the blog UK lass in US at least a bazillion years ago (maybe two years tops) and have had it tagged as a must do since.

The original house is teeny tiny... I had no idea until I started drawing up the templates (because I didn't pay enuf attention) so this one is, I think, at 150% - mainly because I wanted to make knit/felt animals and wooden fencing not use those cute little plastic farmyad sets and put simply big fat felt ones wouldn't fit and sewing teeny tiny ones two nights before Christmas would send me blind.

Making it bigger has made it not quite so sturdy... the frame sags a little but not so much I care and I don't think the wee girl has even noticed.

I recycled bits and pieces; an old, fine cashmere jumper for the grassy field, scrap felt for the pond, hair bands for the button loops - it was a fun project and the house itself was made in a day. I only had to make a couple of the animls too because as luck would have it we got second prize in the craft group raffle last year which included some knitted farm animals.


Nanette said...

That is just beautiful, and lookat her, carrying it so happily and busily. Just goes to show, you don't have to spend a fortune on plastic or electronic stuff. Good job!

Linda said...

How gorgeous Shannon,you are such an inspiration!

Mami. said...

Me encanta. Haremos una igual! Gracias por compartir tus preciosas ideas.

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

How wonderful! I've had this project bookmarked for awhile too! Hopefully I'll get to it this year :-)

W-S Wanderings said...

Weeee! I've had it bookmarked too, but I fear that I'll never actually get around to making it. Though, goodness knows, you make it VERY tempting. Beautiful work, Shannon, as always.

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Adorable! I think it's perfect and I know she'll save it for her own children to play with some day. An heirloom toy for sure!

: )

jodi said...

Oh gosh, you're clever! What a divine little farm, and the sweetest girl to call it her own. Lovely blog you have here. I teach pre-natal yoga and have enjoyed two beautiful births with my midwife, hence I smiled when I discovered your profession x

M. Bloom said...

That is just so gosh-darned cute!

Natalie said...

Just gorgeous! and I love the little cow :)

Cecile said...

Hello, do you have pattern for the handbag barn yard?


Shannon said...

Cecile the link for the tutorial is in the post but here it is again
have fun.