Wednesday, May 9, 2012

reading and knitting along (tho not at the same time)

I've decided to join in the yarn along with Ginny and others inspired with needles and hooks over at Small Things.

My big girl declared she would like a cowl for her 'mother made' birthday gift (three weeks til she is legs 11), so a cowl she shall have.

A friend lent me the book, tis by David Gillespie a once fat, Australian Lawyer (who is still the latter I think) anyway he was quite keen on sugar. I quite like sugar too, especially maple syrup and quite revoltingly I love snickers bars... anyway tis no more, sugar is not good for me.

I wasn't feeling the love of my resolve yesterday when I was grumpy, had a headache and no matter what (non sugar) thing I put in my mouth there was just no satisfaction AND snickers were on sale at the supermarker for 81 cents each! All par for the course apparently - I'm in withdrawal.

Moving on. The cowl is called Botanical, a freebie by Megan Goodacre and because I hardly ever follow instructions, even tho I hardly know what I am doing, the yarn is 'Scrumptious' 70% angora 30% silk from kollage yarns...because it is deliciously soft, not itchy and was on sale for $10!


Stacey said...

I have been cutting down on sugar, more and more each time but have yet to go cold turkey! The wool looks lovely and sound like it will be so lovely as a cowl, all the better for being on sale. Hope you are all happy and warm on these cool nights.

W-S Wanderings said...

Oh dear, withdrawal is the pits. I'm reducing my caffeine intake, but luckily, have managed to dodge the headaches this time.

That yarn looks dreamy. And I followed the link to the pattern. VERY nice!

The Mama. said...

I feel your pain. Just added gluten to the dairy and soy I'm already not allowed. Don't think I'm game at add sugar just now... there would seriously be no fun left!

Anonymous said...

There's sugar in wine you know!

Shannon said...

just so you know, sugar is all but used up in the fermentation process so a glass or two won't hurt!
Ha! ; )