Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2ish minute raspberry sorbet (with an ordinary food processor)

Last week I went to a Thermomix demo. Now I am not really a fan of the fancy machine (nor its price tag). It has some great features, I am particularly impressed by the milling bit. But let's face it I am an old bag and I have been married for almost 20 years and I have cupboards full of contraptions that do the same stuff.

My friend who is still deciding the merits of the machine for herself asked the demo person "what can it make that is not slop?" tis true really - it can't roast stuff all lovely and brown and you can't smell the onion slowly frying in butter with garlic swirling through. I am getting side tracked.

I was impressed with the super quick sorbet the demo person whipped up. I thought to myself, I bet I can do that in my 20year-old food processor. So I did. YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

measurements are dodgy and I reckon just about any frozen fruit will do.

4 handfuls of frozen raspberries
a tablespoon or so of sweetener (or none)
1 egg white (preferably from a very happy chook fed nice stuff and roaming freely)

Throw the raspberries and sweetener in your food processor (or blender might work too) and whizz till they are a pretty fine crumble.
Add the egg white and whizz again. The egg white will bind the crumble and make it all creamy)

That is it my friends - enjoy.

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