Friday, March 19, 2010


I am knitting my first ever pair of socks- the wool is hand dyed alpaca - fingering weight - oh so soft and very beautiful. the needles are quite small...

I am posting this picture here as a reminder:
- that from little things big things grow (half and inch now WILL be a sock one day, hopefully two)
- these are a gift, so I have a deadline...
- in the hope that one or two of you might comment every now and then over the coming months with something along the lines of "hey, how are the socks coming along?"

But seriously with this wee distraction how am I supposed to get anything done?

Here is a little ditty for you all - the big girl sings this as warm up for choir!

Black socks they never get dirty
The longer you wear them the blacker the get
Some day I think I shall wash them

But something keeps telling me don’t do it yet

Not yet, not yet, not yet, not yet

One day I thought I had wet them
But then I did realise that it was just sweat
Oh how happy it made me
To know that the squishing and squelching
Would set, would set, would set.

*The original version of this song was written as a love letter by an English salior to his sweetheart in the late 1700s. The parody of this song was the black socks version which was written in the early 1920s.


mm said...


Linda said...

Enjoy knitting your socks:) Thanks for your kind words when our family was ill:)

Anonymous said...

Brave daughter! Socks is hard.

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Yay! I'm about to start my first pair of socks too! We'll have to compare notes :)

The Mama. said...

I need socks... ;-)

S said...

hmm Mamma...if you had only one leg and your other foot was toddler sized I would absolutly make you a sock...I've been knitting for days and have managed about 4 inches so far. maybe for your birthday next year? x