Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Soup

Yesterday was the beginning of a couple of seasons worth of Sunday is dark and dreary outside; but not really cool weather (Brisbane is like that unfortunately...still 28 degrees or so) anyhoo not to let that spoil our soup mood. Last night was smoked bacon and potato with chunks of sourdough. My brother joined us too - he will be here for a week or so doing some work in town.

Boil, boil, bubble bubble,
no toil, no trouble...


The Mama. said...

It WAS Sunday soup day! We had a delicious home cooked pumpkin and potato soup. Actually we've taken to having home made soups regularly - great way to get three meals out of a roast! XX

Linda said...

I love soup days, and with the weather cooling down here in South Africa, soup days are so welcome:)