Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today I made Seahorses


lovely shimmery seahorses..
should i do a tutorial? would anyone notice? does anyone wanna make one?

I can't find a seahorse poem but I did find this little one and i'm sure I can whip up a starfish...

I saw an orange sea star
Sitting on the beach
She had five arms
With which to reach.
She sat in the sun
All through the day
But when the tide came in
She swam away.
by Jean Warren

*Yes I know it is autumn but way back here when i broke my ankle I said i was going to make some..just took my time is all


Linda said...

They are so beautiful!! I would Love a tutorial please:)

S said...

Oh, ok (smug smile..)thank you for asking - now i really feel like i am sharing!
will have to get the big girl to help me with some photos, and work out how to pdf a pattern....

Melissa said...

They ARE beautiful! I love the colours and the silk accents. Gorgeous!

mm said...

I don't want to make one but if one arrived in the post I'd be very, very excited!

The Everyday Mum said...

Oh yes! A tutorial would be fabulous! They are beautiful. Well done!

The Mama. said...

I'd notice.


twolittleseeds said...

You make amazing stuff with felt, am going to follow you xx