Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wholefood for Children

Last night I went to listen to Jude Blereau speak, very passionately and eloquently, about whole food - real food, organic, unprocessed, old fashioned delicious food. She was 'doing' the Brisbane launch of her new book Wholefood for Children (she has two other books - Wholefood and Coming home to eat - wholefood for the family.

I wanted to write loads - about how great it was and how I want to start soaking my beans and well stuff...but I am so tired. Sorry.

I do plan to make parsnip soup on Sunday tho.


Linda said...

This book looks wonderful, thank you so much for sharing the title:)

S said...

it is wonderful Linda - i was reading out loud to the little one (it seems she doesn't mind what i read - being too wee for understanding the words and all) and i am so inspired. Jude lives in Australia - so it is at least in the right hemisphere for you and the online bookshop on the title link i put in will ship internationally (so you could have one of your very own..tho you might prefer the coming home to eat - wholefood for the family one beause that is fabulous too and your children are a bit older.