Sunday, April 4, 2010

I need help please...of the knitting kind

I am turning the heel of my first sock and well I'm at an impasse.
To shape the heel it says:

Set up row: knit 24 stitches, ssk, turn

What does ssk mean? to hazard a guess i might think slip, slip, knit...but it can be very, very dangerous to assume. There is no stitch glossary on the pattern that i can see. Please, someone must know surely?
If you need more info or want the pattern - the free pdf of the pattern is here on Ravelry Anna's basic socks.

Thank advance

* edited..ooops, thank you Linda for taking the time to look it up for me. I thought that i had deleted this post because i had the sudden brain wave to google what it means. It is indeed slip, slip, knit - it is a way of decreasing with a left hand slant I even found a Utube video! see here for a demo, complete with a finished product. clever this internet world


Linda said...

Happy Easter dear Shannon:)
I just looked up 'ssk' in my knitting book and it says slip, slip, knit. It means slip two stitches onto the right needle separately as if you were going to knit them, but just slip them. Then take your left knitting needle, slip it into the front of these stitches and knit them together:) Hope this helps:)

dancingmorganmouse said...

Did you ask mum?

S said...

Thank you Linda - clever woman you are... I wonder if somewhere I have a knitting book too?