Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our blanket is now third generational

been a bit quiet, school holidays and we have all been sick but i am chugging away quietly...
Our patchwork blanket has become multigenerational now; the wee girl held the edges still while i pinned (despite my best efforts to get it done while she slept there are 400 pins and she doesn't fancy sleep much - not as much as pretty gold pins)

and the big girl has had a go at machine quiliting - she worried a little that she was 'driving' crooked but I assured her it was ok; all part of the fun of learning a new skill. She concentrates very hard so I know just as much love goes into wiggly lines as straight ones.

It is not finished yet - I ran out of thread while I was on a roll - and now it will have to wait because I am doing a very exciting felting workshop this Friday night and Saturday (leaving my wee baby in her daddy's very capable arms for a whole day! I have been expressing like a mad woman...what if she won't drink from a bottle?!..well I guess he will just have to bring her to me, it will all be ok)

I can't wait to post some pictures on Saturday afternoon, I think you will all be very impressed with my workshop creation.

The big girl is back to school next week so maybe I will get the quilt on the bed by next weekend - it feels so lovely all sandwiched together with the cotton batting - like a real quilt already...pity there is still about eleventy million miles of stitching to go!


dancingmorganmouse said...
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S said...

No DMM - Mum was the first, I am the second, together they are the third...that is how generations work isn't it? S

Anonymous said...

It's looking lovely, S. And I can recognise so many of the patches on it!

dancingmorganmouse said...

You are indeed right, I'd forgotten the original mother (oops - sorry themother). Also, must have been late when I commented, I outed myself (oops again - deleted)
Kitten brain :)