Friday, April 9, 2010

My big girl will be nine in about six weeks

I asked her the other day if she would like me to make her anything in particular for her birthday; because if she did I would need some time to create (and the more the better!)
She mulled over it for awhile and then said she would like one of those "embroidered pictures on fabric"...hmm cross stitch? not a little knitted something?
My beloved looked gobsmacked when I mentioned this coversation later on that evening and said straight up "don't commit to it" Oh he of little faith!
I have made beautiful crossed stitched things - a Siamese cat, for my mother, springs to mind. But there is one famous piece that is not quite finished...
When I met my husband, in 1992, he bought me a gift - a copy of this book:
Later that week I started stitching the cover design. I think i am up to the R.... That is about one letter a year, not bad.
Anyway the girl wants a cross stitch and a cross stitch she shall have. Today I bought the pattern, some beautiful hand dyed linen, specialty threads, beads and golly only knows what else for this:

So what are the odds I'll get it finished? Her birthday is June 2.


Melissa said...

Wow Shannon, that will be lovely! It reminds me of some of the crossstitch kits etc available for sale at Peppermint Stitches at Toowong. Have fun doing such a beautiful project!

S said...

Well - funny you should mention that, tis where i bought it! They are lovely women in that shop.

MM said...

Perhap you'll have it ready for when her firstborn turns 9 :)

Rebecca said...

Whoa! It will be gorgeous! But I think it would take me about 20 years... but not you, not when you get determined to do something. ;-)

Be sure to show us when you're done!


Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
This is so beautiful, it is going to look lovely! I know you will finish:) Your needlefelted dog is on his way to you:)