Monday, April 26, 2010

'twas a public holiday here today

(because ANZAC day was on a Sunday you see) anyhoo we went to the botanical gardens and rode our bikes about - tis lovely and shaded with big old trees and loads of flat wide paths. we stopped for a bit on the grass and the wee girl tried to catch a bird
she very nearly got it too..or so she thought

her big sister pointed out the baby bird 'walking on water' (ohh it was so fluffy)

and we rode across the Goodwill Bridge ,with all the other cyclists and wanderers, to Southbank parklands and then of course we rode back again. I took a quick picture of the 'river city' aka Brisbane on our way home and announce to my beloved that it really is not a pretty city - he says it is better than it was (and he would know - he grew up in Brisbane. I did my growing in the south)
In other news I've only got about 2m of hand sewing left and the quilt will be on our bed..maybe tomorrow.

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