Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Craft Group - Magic wands

I am going to try very hard to post at least a picture of what we wipped up at craft group each this week we made wands - for wizards, flower fairys and pixes. Don't they look beautiful?

When we had finished we waved them about and cast spells. It was loads of fun and we are getting a real stockpile for our festiValley craft stall (our school spring fair).

If anyone is interested I am very happy to do a tutorial for these - they are super easy really - let your imagination go wild. having said that I may be a little while 'cause i have quite a list of things I need to do first - just leave me a comment if you would like one. Cheers, S


Linda said...

Oh please post a tutorial, these wands are so beautiful! I know my little ones would just love to play with them:)
Warm regards

The Mama. said...

Yes please, tutorial them for one years time when I can actually do some sewing... oh I'm so having withdrawals!

Val said...

Me too please nicely :0)

Roseypekin said...

these are just gorgeous! I'm making one for Elsie's birthday xxx