Friday, April 23, 2010

Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary

It was a good day back then...

I still  feel so young, so happy, so lucky - I am all of those things.

May our friendship and trust
endure and strengthen
through the winter of our lives -
and may our love
be renewed
as surely as the blossoms
adorn the trees each spring -
may our understanding of each other
grow with our love
until the wonder of each night and day
becomes a lifetime
of happiness together -

A little bit of our vows, changed (just slightly) from an original poem by Nanushka (Nan Witcomb)

Traditionally 15 years bring gifts of crystal, so I bought my beloved this -

and because I think it will look prettier full of a gorgeous amber liquid; I bought him a bottle of 15 year old (of course) single malt whisky.

I didn't get any glasses... so I suggested perhaps we can just look at it, and smell it every so often - he says we are sure to find a way :)

But he bought me this!

It has a liquid crystal display..

Oh look out world I have a camera back in my hands!


The Everyday Mum said...

Happy anniversary! Hope the next 15 years is just as lovely!!

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary dear friend! What beautiful photos:) I love your new camera:)

The Mama. said...

Happy anniversary my gorgeous friends!

S said...

Thank you - all of you x