Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It is my sister's birthday today

so Happy Birthday to you.
I am quietly squealing with delight because I spent much of the weekend and a little bit of yesterday creating the most wonderful gift for her - I drafted a pattern or two, felted, sewed, cut, sanded, drilled, painted and even did a little bit of beading... but i can't show you yet.
The girls and I are off to Sydney on Friday morning and I will see my sister on Saturday for lunch - so I didn't post it; I will hand deliver it..she (and all of you) will have to wait until then.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Shannon!

mm said...

Will there be a wombat??? Enquiring big sisters find it hard to wait!

S said...

No birthday wombat...but possibly one day a just because wombat maybe. x

Thank you Linda - birthdays are wonderful.