Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Craft Group - Root Children

“Under the ground, deep in the earth among the roots of the trees, the little root children were fast asleep all winter long. They felt nothing of the biting wind, the cold snow or the stinging hailstorms. They slept peacefully in their warm burrows. They were dreaming of the sunshine in which they had played all through summer. And what wonderful dreams they were!”

From The story of the Root-Children by Sibylle von Olfers

Today we made sweet little root children. I have been very keen for this week to come because I wanted to share the art of making a formed head and it is not too much of a challenge on such a tiny doll. These two have silk hair and I sewed their bodies using cotton corduroy... well all that machine sewing was a change from felt cutting!


Twig and Toadstool said...

we're in a different season here, but I LOVE your little root children!!! They are on my MUST make list!!!
thank you for sharing your creativity!


Gorgeous root children! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Love Bytes said...

LOVE the colour and texture! Going to email you about these in a sec... t.x.