Friday, July 2, 2010

I've been making little gifts

for a couple of little girls. My big girl is off to a birthday celebration tomorrow, tis not really a party because at nine years old they are now awfully grown up and don't 'do' parties I'm told. She looked through this book  and picked out what she would like me to make.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out...was quite fiddly with all the turning of tiny ears and paws, and to be different I didn't use felt but rather some furry stuff we found at the local op shop. The play mat that i used as a back drop for these pictures is a WIP that my big girl is making for herself - a bit of sewing and a bit of needle felting - she is so clever. i will take some pictures to post when she is finished.

I also stitched together a couple of little rose hair clips for a friends daughter who turned eight yesterday - we had to post them, so small, light and unbreakable was perfect! The pattern is from the purl bee the photo looks quite pink..they are pink, but not that pink!

And still in progress are the socks! I have finished the first and am well on the way with the second - almost ready to start shaping the heel. Here is a picture of me the other week when my car battery died. I made good use of my time waiting for a friend to come with jumper leads -
seriously i have been knitting these things since late March - I bet they are the slowest work in progress ever!


TwigandToadstool said...

what lovely little gifts!!!!!
I'm going to have to check that book out!
xo maureen
ps.good luck with the socks!

Ariella said...

wow! everything looks so darn cute!

S said...

Thanks Maureen - i have turned the heel and am heading into the foot I think i will actually get them finished!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness Shannon! You are so clever to make such amazing and beautiful creations:)
Take care

Mama_Doodlebug said...

What comfy looking socks! I wish knitting were "my thing." Question for you - what are those fantastic shoes you're wearing? I love the colors!

S said...

Hi Mamma D. They are my winter birkenstocks ..have a look here and you can have your very own pair! or you might find something else you adore. they are so very very comfy. it is nearly time to slide into my spring ones now... :)

S said...
ooops forget the link!