Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last night I cast off the second sock

and wove in the ends, then sat back and felt pretty pleased with myself. I tried to slip them on, just so I could feel the softness of the beautiful hand spun merino and silk yarn against my feet - alas it is like the story of Cinderella, try as i might they are an inch too short! (I knew they would be, they were not after all made for my feet).
This morning my big girl modeled them for me so I could show you all a picture. They fit her feet quite nicely...but they are not for her either.
Happy Birthday Mum!
they are not perfect (quite like me) but every tiny stitch was made with love.


TwigandToadstool said...

what lovely socks!!! I can't wait to be brave enough to try knitting socks myself!! Happy birthday to your mom!!
xo maureen

Linda said...

They are wonderful socks! Happy Birthday to your mom!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Truly, my love, they are wonderful socks and my feet love them. I've never had such delightful cuddles for my feet! xx and many thanks -- even if you did lead me to believe they were for my own little sister!