Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well, first up I quit the job!

Couldn't stand being away from my baby (I could list a bazillion other very good reasons too but my needing to be with my wee girl puts it in a neat little nutshell).

Yesterday was the big girl's last day of holidays so we went to the beach - she says a holiday is just not a holiday unless you wiggle your toes in the sand at least once!

We drove to Sandgate, which is about half an hour from the bushy edge of Brisbane city where we live. We have lived in Brisbane for about two and a half years and are still exploring, this was another new stop for us. Sandgate park which is right alongside the water was lovely and because the weather in Queensland is more like spring than winter, a picnic of fish and chips on the grass was perfect.

After lunch the girls played in the sand flats 'cause the tide was out - the wee girl particularly enjoyed herself!

 Our big girl went hunting and found a couple of little crabs

a blue soldier

and a hermit

She wanted to bring them home - she always does - but reluctantly agreed they were much better off where she found them.

Today - with her back at school and the wee girl sleeping - I finished off what was to be the sample for a project this term at craft group - a kangaroo and her joey. I have been fiddling with a pattern my mum gave me from a June 1973 copy of the Australian Women's Weekly (it's a month older than me!) and while I love what I have created it is just too small and fiddly so now i will have to make another - but that is ok, I have an idea for this one :)


twolittleseeds said...

You quit! Well done you. It's a big decision but you did it! I hope I can be brave enough to do the same when the time comes xx

Shannon said...

I know...i felt very guilty about it and went back and forth with the decision all weekend but i really, really hated it and i just cried when i had to go at 0530am and she was stirring and i wouldn't be there to feed her and soothe her back to sleep.. lucky my beloved loves me and we saved for a rainy day.. i do realise how very lucky i am.

Twig and Toadstool said...

Yay for you!!! It takes real courage to quit a job...but, so worth it to stay home with your little babe!!! (I work away, but do the least amount of hours I can get away with...which means only weekends for now)!
Love that kangaroo!!! So so sweet!
xo maureen

momma rae said...

yay for liberation!! enjoy your days with your little one. ;)

your kangaroo and her joey are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I just love to see the excitement littes ones have when they discover the beach, and your pictures really capture that. Love the mama and her joey, they are adorable!

Congrats on following your heart and figuring a way to be home with your kids. There's nothing worse than being unhappy. Enjoy every moment :)
Stephanie xx

Linda said...

Dear Shannon,
How wonderful that you are back home with your little ones:) I just love the felt kangeroo!
Take care