Saturday, July 24, 2010

Party Day

Happy birthday, happy birthday to you today
Happy birthday, happy birthday her friends all say
Happy birthday, happy birthay we'll sing everyone
Happy birthday, happy birthday 'cause birthdays are fun!

The poor wee girl was quite overwhelmed with the gathering of people ~ just family and a few close friends ~ but as it turns out, quite a few squealing, laughing children having a wonderful time. It took her a few hours before she would leave my arms or those of her sister or dad so I didn't get many pictures and by the time she was happy to run about the sun was going down!

her cake was banana, pinapple and coconut with raspberry and white chocolate butter cream (a variation from the wholefood for children cookbook) - she loved it, tho i didn't give her any icing - bit early to hit her with pure sugar!

And try as I might, once her feet hit the ground in her new ruby dancing shoes there was just no keeping still.


The Mama. said...

Big smiles from the Arthur's. XX

mm said...

A bit like Tigger then?

Linda said...

So very sweet Shannon! What a great day she had:) Thank you for your lovely comment you left over at my blog:)
Take care

momma rae said...

yummm! that cake sound delish. adorable crown and i love the action shot! ;)

The Everyday Mum said...

Ooooh, that cake sounds heavenly! And those pictures are just adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

Just like Tigger MM!
The cake was very yummy...i'm afaid that there is none left because i ate it..oops!

gardenmama said...

Oh! I love the dancing feet! : )
Happy! Happy day to your sweet girl and to you mama!

Moment to Moment said...

We just made pretty little headbands today like the one in the first picture..