Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things might be a little quiet around here for a bit

for many a varied reason I have to trudge out to work...it has been many, many years since i have had to sell my soul to the devil of the Australian hospital maternity system. I am not looking forward to it in the least - it is a far cry from the warm safe homebirth midwifery i practise in my idea world...it is even further from the warm, safe space of my own home suggling with my own baby BUT my beloved will keep my big girl and my wee one safe by his side. i will get up pre dawn catch the maze of public transport, work like a dog, curse the system and try very hard to bring a little magic to each woman and baby in my care. (all the while crossing all my fingers and toes that circumstances change QUICKLY so that i can just go back home again). I am a bit (well quite a bit) grumpy about the whole thing...i have asked for Wednesdays off so i can still do craft group, tho i may be a bit subdued. til then.


Linda said...

Sending love your way Shannon:) You are a wonderful mama:)
Take care

mm said...

O, life sucks so :(

momma rae said...

sending you big hugs!! nice that poppa can stay with the kids, though. i hope it passes soon, mama.

The Mama. said...

Hi darling. Remind me to remember to call you tonight. Love you muchly. XX