Monday, July 19, 2010

We had a weekend of making magic

CHILDHOOD MAGIC that is! I have been coveting the beautiful things that Ariella and her husband make with their children for months now and a few weeks ago the girls and I went for a walk in the bush behind our house with the direct purpose of collecting fallen sticks to have a go at this
The walk was good for our bodies and a fabulous way to spend the morning; when we'd almost run out of water in our bottles we dragged our pile of sticks home.
I showed my beloved pictures of the snake and said "you should do that" with our big girl - let her drill the holes and do the sanding - she'll love it!
In the foreground of the picture of her foot you can see the roughly assembled snake - I'm afraid that is as far as we got! it would seem that I am a pretty lousy old stick picker - while some accepted drill holes easily the others split and fell apart..we abandoned ship after half our snake disintergrated into sawdust - but it was fun -  she loves a bit of daddy one on one time. And my beloved promises to find some more sticks so we will have another go.

Next project was these. My big girl wanted to make something for her little sister for a birthday gift and when I showed her the simply stunning wool roving crowns Kai and his mum made she said yes please!

We had plenty of wool roving but none in rainbow colours - and it had to be we did a bit of dyeing first. Living craft had a free dying with children pdf on their site the other week from their fall 2009 issue ...have a look here

after they had dried she got to work finger knitting
and together we needle felted a little flower with the general jist of instructions from here. Of course we dyed enough roving so she can have one too and there is even some left over to make one or two for the dolls, I'll just have to make a few more flowers :)

Thank you Ariella for sharing your homeschooling journey through your beautiful blog - and for the generous helping of your magic right here in our home.

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

So wonderful and creative. Ariella is sweet too to share all she does.
Warm wishes,