Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Class three building projects

Class three have just finished their building main lesson block. They have spent a month learning about the traditional crafts, human effort eg carpentry and stone masonry and the history of shelter and building. To round off the lesson they had to build a house or dwelling; here is what they came up with...

My big girl's first (of course)

She made a Tipi (we have discovered there are many correct spellings) complete with a fire inside and smoke flaps. She had loads of fun with what she called 'the details' and her dad and I were roped in a bit too.

Here are some of her classmates projects ~ I think they are all fantastic.

an underground house

a light house

a jungle hut

a tree house

a yurt (felted!)

a stone house

a traditional Japanese house (with futon)

and a Vietnamese boat house.

Next term they will actually build something...my vote is for a chicken coop, or maybe a stone pizza oven!


Linda said...

These little constructions are beautiful!! Caiden will be going onto his 2nd Native American block soon, I can't wait to try some of these:)

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! The class three kids at our school have to build an actual shelter! Its fantastic to see what they come up with!

Anonymous said...

They are awesome! My daughter just saw them and wants to build one too.