Friday, September 10, 2010

Phew! talk about taking it to the line....

I finished this little fellow this morning ~ a birthday gift for a friend in my big girl's class ~ she was literally standing at the door with her bag on her shoulder (and then i said Noooo... let me take a picture!)
His party is this afternoon and she is going straight from school, I do hope he likes it.

Of course I didn't follow the instructions at all (typical me) and I am pretty sure I have sewed his chest section between his legs and vice versa - so he has a broad chest!

Thank you to Angela who shared her talent and pattern for this project in the Autumn issue of Rhythm of the Home ~ Michaelmas Dragon


gardenmama said...

Your handwork is always so inspiring, beautiful beautiful work!

Linda said...

Oh Shannon, I love him, he is SO beautiful!

Brynn said...

He turned out great! I've been thinking of making this little guy too.