Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Craft Group (and my big girl is off on her first camp..)

It feels like forever since I have written a craft goup post; my world keeps spinning madly but term four is here now and with it some semblence of the weekly rhythm.

Today we started what will be a two week project; Mermaids - for play and for our summer season tables. Over the holidays my friend Mary-Jane hand made some shimering silky tail felt; this morning we chose our tails and made the doll's heads.

This is one MJ made a few years ago.

Next week we will assemble the dolls, give them hair and embelishments.

There sits a lovely maiden above so wondrous fair,
With shining jewels laden, She combs her golden hair.
It falls through her comb in a shower, and over the valley rings
A song of mysterious power that lovely maiden sings

MJ says she is very happy for me to share the pattern with you, and I'll do that next week. If you want to get started on your head it needs to be about a 13cm circumference. Moonchild studio has a very good step by step tutorial if you have never made a head before or need reminding.

I have been quite distracted today - only made half a head all morning! My big girl has gone away on her first school camp. They have gone to Kiah Park in Gympie - about 160km north of Brisbane. The park has 315 beautiful acres of farm and peaceful surroundings with guinea fowl, poultry, pigs, cows and horses. The camp follows on from the childrens farming main lesson blocks and I think they even get to milk a cow.
Two quiet afternoons with just me and the wee girl, two evenings without constant chatter, two nights with her away from my bed (no toenails in my thigh), two mornings I don't have to pack a lunch box and walk to the bus stop at 0730...I'm going to miss her (she is going to have ball!)

bye xx


Katie said...

How I love seeing what your craft group is working on. Such inspiration.I think I will try and make time [if I can stay awake] and make a mermaid for my little girl. She loves mermaids at the moment as both my children love stories about Peter Pan. All the best while your big girl is away.

the little gnomes home said...

Such a lovely mermaid - thanks for sharing and for the inspiration for a summer nature table :)

Val said...

Doesn't it feel strange when they go away...I kind of feel pulled in all sorts of directions at once... I find I have to give my self a talking to..along the "they'll have a lovely time don't be daft"'s hard being a parent at times isn't it (and if I give myself that talking to out loud I probably receive some well deserved funny
Btw love the Mermaid :0)

Amber said...

I cannot wait for your tutorial to come out! I have been making a heap of your magic wands this week. Thank you!