Wednesday, December 15, 2010

By the light of the moon

and in the wake of a huge thunderstorm full of lighting and hail stones I finished the new head for my big girl's Christmas doll ~

and in a totally NOT Waldorf/Steiner fashion I made her a belly button!
Cute hey?
Now i just have to attach her head to her body; and her arms, crochet some hair, stitch that on, then dress her ~ I can do that.
(and of course make bees wax polish for the pram..& polish it ~ i have scruibbed it with bicarb and salt and made the mattress, the blanket and a pillow tho ~ make an apron, some headbands, a couple of mermaids and help the big girl with a few 'projects'...i have til Sunday because the girls and I are packing up the car and heading to Byron Monday...Arrrggg).


Wabi-Sabi Wanderings said...

Oh, I LOVE the belly button!!

Linda said...

She is wonderful!!! xo

Beth said...

Hi, Shannon! The doll is coming out beautifully! I love the bent legs. You inquired about the little house is up on Acorn Pies today! love, Beth

Bianca said...

That's looking great Shannon. What pattern do you follow and what materials do you use? your little head has such personality.


karen said...

your doll looks great! good luck finishing off all your Christmas crafting before you go away

MM said...

Steiner disapproves of belly buttons? Why so?

Melissa Luxmoore said...

Shan she's beautiful. Love her legs! It's'll make it :)

Shannon said...

Thanks everyone...i have started crocheting her hair.
I don't actually know what Steiner thinks about belly buttons..I have just never seen on on a classic waldorf doll. So i am starting rumors! hehe
Tho he was not a fan of extended breastfeeding so clearly i don't agree with him wholeheartedly anyway.

Bianca the pattern is from and is called the dreamtime baby. Sarah also has a blog full of handy hints

anna said...

I LOVE her belly button :)